About Us


AVECO technologies helps businesses  (small to midsize) to develop, manage and maintain IT Solutions – providing you with a competitive advantage and long term success . This includes website development, shopping cart solutions, accounting, inventory &  mobile applications.

We know how difficult it is for small business owner(s) to compete with big businesses on IT solutions. Understanding that your priority on expenses should focus more on your main business and less on IT expenses.  In AVECO we are flexible on providing you these solutions and ideas.


Our Difference

  • We focus on helping small & medium businesses (and yes, that includes solo entrepreneurs).
  • We dont use fancy words used by big corporations.  We impress clients by simple & effective solutions
  • You are part of the team. Our method provides you visibility on the daily activity and progress of the project.
  • Flexibility on cost.  Our payment options includes spreading the cost as defined by project milestones.
  • We cater to all cultures, our client range from local (Philippines) and overseas (Australia, New Zealand & Hong Kong)



Big Ideas for Small Business